8 Years Ago.......

Eight years ago Blackbeard decided to make an honest woman of his wyfe!!!

We went down to the local Magistrates office, pushed our way through the rabble and ne're-do-wells to the front of the line and declared our intentions. We filled out the form, pushed it back through the little gap in the glass all the while grinning like the giddy lovebirds we were. 

Next we heard "Everything seems to be in order here........That will be $20.00."  Blackbeard reached into the pocket where he keeps his loot and proudly shoved a rectangle shaped piece of plastic through the little gap in the glass. The Magistrate looked down at the payment, pursed his lips, shifted his weight and said "Um....We only accept cash."

 Blackbeard withdrew his wallet from his pocket, replaced the refused plastic and searched around for the requested green paper bills. Out came a five, and 2 one dollar bills. He flipped around searching through the secret compartments used for hiding money and found a ticket stub, a driver's license, grocery club card, decrepit library card and a scrap of paper with ancient scribble on it. He looked at me "Do you have any money?" " Why would I have money?" I replied. He looked around at the group of rabble and ne're-do-wells to see if he recognized anyone who might make him a loan.

"Here." came a voice from behind us. We turned to see my wonderful aunt rooting around in her bag of goodies. Out came the requested funds which were quickly shoved through the little gap in the glass.

The Magistrate smiled broadly, shooed off the riffraff and ran for his robe.  We followed the kindly man to a beautiful courtyard were he commenced with the ceremony.

A few short moments later, I was elevated from the lowly status of "gyrlfrynd", to the exalted stature of "Wyfe".

So far we have ridden the waters as they have carried us. Happily riding the rough seas as well as the calm. I am the luckiest Wyfe in the world!!

Thank you Blackbeard. (Don't look so stunned)


The Wyfe Returns.................

Where do I start?

How can I apologize to my imaginary fans for my long absense?

Will they forgive me?

Do I still have a witticism or two to share?

Is blogging passe now?

Is it vain to blog?

Can I keep this template under control?

Mostly I just want to return to a hobby I started to amuse myself then I neglected for far too long.

Stay tuned..........