The Best Blanket Ever?

Blackbeard's Wyfe must be from Mars. Some stuff Blackbeard's Wyfe just doesn't get. 

Now when did a blanket become a garment?

Isn't this just a glorified poncho? 

Blackbeard's wyfe has just never had the problems that the makers of this silliness describe. They make it sound like the blankie we've all lived with through the ages is just obsolete and dated. Well Blackbeard's Mother-in-Law gave his wyfe a blanket as a young wench in training. She has never seen fit to upgrade. This blankie still has the perfect fit and feel that a well loved blankie should. The only modifications that his wyfe has allowed was for a special cover to be sewn about the frayed remaining bits. 

Check it out and tell me what you think. Meanwhile, I know two fashionistas that I need to report this outrage to.


She's Making Me Take Another Look....

For Oh so long..... the last year exactly, I have paid as little attention as possible to the politics at hand. I would kindly read the emails with political jokes, forwarding the ones I deemed funny, but for the most part taking my usual stand of "Whoever is running the show; My life will really not change at all."

Naive I know. Condescension at its worst. We live in a country that lets us pick our leaders and toss them out when we're tired of them. All without political instability. Lucky us. Strangely, we will continue to take it for granted and lazily agree to whoever the pundits trot out for us to admire (vote for).

Well, then she shows up.  Well now I'm (and several other millions) taking a closer watch. Adding her name to the ticket was sheer political genius on the part of the McCain party.  

I'm not saying that I'm sold yet, but ya just gotta like the spunky little thing. She's more like me than any other candidate I've seen. Her life is not perfect. Her past is not perfect. Her closet is full of fumbles and missteps. She is already has the hardest job there is, and anyone who has children won't deny that raising kids is not for sissies. She's put a wind of fresh air into  an excruciatingly long campaign.

Most importantly, what are the Bunco ladies going to say?

Please forgive my fonts....still figuring blogger out. BW


This time last week......

I can't believe that a week has passed already. My trip is just a fleeting memory of girl time and relaxation. 

One of the cool things about traveling with another girl is that you get to eat under these...

In courtyards with these.....

On ladylike plates like these.

Swanky as it looks, We DID NOT eat here...

Before we sat down to our dainty feast, we spent the morning roaming the Asheville Farmers Market.
Aren't these pumpkins pretty? 

Here are some of the flowers and plants we saw...

I don't know what kind of beans these are but they are so pretty. 
I bet they taste good too.

Designer pumpkins we found. 
I'm not so sure they will make very scary jack-o-lanterns.

A bounty of squash.

Finally, ladyfingers....more commonly known as okra....

Thanks for stopping by.....


It will NEVER be for sale....

One of Glamourpuss' and my favorite things to do is to check out Real Estate. It's just a fun thing to do. We steal ideas and question taste.

So who's invitation did we accept out this weekend?......
Why the Pickerings of course!!

Did you know that the ancestor that built this bueaty was a 27 year old man?

Let's see, 27 years old, rich beyond belief, and not afraid to spend on a house........ dreamy......

Of course lots of it is a bit overdone for my taste, but I admit, its something I'm willing to overlook for the sake of peace in the house.  This is an outside picture of the grand staircase.  Some of the windows are actually doors that lead to a tiny balcony. We were told that the help kept falling off while washing those windows, so the Pickering ancestor relented and installed a decorative if tiny balcony. Anything to keep up appearances.....

So after a lovely lunch at the carriage house and an afternoon wandering the gardens, Glamourpuss and I accepted and invitation to an evening tour of the garden carpet. I must say it was a perfect evening. There was free flowing wine from the vineyard and a smooth sounding jazz band to serenade us under the stars.  We were lucky, because the next day, they tore up all the beautiful plants to make room for the fall garden. 
Here is what happens when you let a wine drunk do-gooder take your picture at night.


Off to Asheville....

Once in a while you just have to leave it all behind and take off with one of your girls. This weekend  Glamourpuss and I left our men by the sea and took off to the mountains for some girltime. 

We invited Miss Garmin to tag along and we all had a girly good time........

If you have never travelled with Miss Garmin, you must immediately invite her and NEVER doubt her abilities. She never lies. She can tell you which lane to travel in as well as when your sorry ass will get to where you're supposed to be. She remembers where your hotel is and whatever nearby sights you might want to see. She also is very good at finding food and gas. She's a girl's best travelling buddy!

We left Friday and stopped off in Lumberton for breakfast. Mr. Glamourpuss shot dove recently and fixed us a faboulous feast of breakfast and dove! (This is where I have to admit I'm a bit jealous, because poor old Blackbeard has no idea how to turn the "thing I cook on" to ON.) 

We got to Asheville in fine time and here are some of the things we saw on Friday night.....

From frustrated hippies to delicious desserts!! Asheville has it all! 


A Slow Slow Start

Well, I got this stupid idea over a year ago that I could somehow have a blog. I have admired the boys, the Ree, and the Bossy and how they have been able to craft their blogs by telling us all interesting things about their interesting lives. Well my BIGGEST problem is that I don't have a particularly interesting life. But having been stumped for a year now I'm game to begin..........
Where do I start?

First of all I am a bonus Mom. Mostly. Some days I'm sure I'm a step-monster, other days I don't even matter.

See the guy in the green cast? He is the hostage taker of my heart. I'm going to have to do a bit of work to get some better pics of him.

See the guy with the boob job? He's the one I married and adore. I never thought I'd find a guy that I'd fall in love with and marry, but there he is.

See the guy who sheds all over my house? He's the only one around here who doesn't complain. I can't tell you how much that makes me love him. He doesn't care what I what I do, what I cook, and that maybe the dishes need to be done. He just wiggles his tail and makes me smile.....