A Slow Slow Start

Well, I got this stupid idea over a year ago that I could somehow have a blog. I have admired the boys, the Ree, and the Bossy and how they have been able to craft their blogs by telling us all interesting things about their interesting lives. Well my BIGGEST problem is that I don't have a particularly interesting life. But having been stumped for a year now I'm game to begin..........
Where do I start?

First of all I am a bonus Mom. Mostly. Some days I'm sure I'm a step-monster, other days I don't even matter.

See the guy in the green cast? He is the hostage taker of my heart. I'm going to have to do a bit of work to get some better pics of him.

See the guy with the boob job? He's the one I married and adore. I never thought I'd find a guy that I'd fall in love with and marry, but there he is.

See the guy who sheds all over my house? He's the only one around here who doesn't complain. I can't tell you how much that makes me love him. He doesn't care what I what I do, what I cook, and that maybe the dishes need to be done. He just wiggles his tail and makes me smile.....

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