Castle for a Queen

If you had asked me as a girl what I would do when I grew up, I'm sure that I would have told you that I was going to marry Prince Charming and oversee his Kingdom as Queen. I'd have servants roaming about the magnificant palace keeping space spotless and orderly. That is how a good Kingdom is kept, while I spend my days searching high and low for baubles and bits to keep myself well groomed and fashionable. 

Here was my ideal adult home.... all I needed to do was grow up and move on in! 

The reality of my grown up life is more like an episode of RoseAnn. 

I have no servants roaming about my shoebox palace keeping things in there place. I think the dog would help out if he had the benefit of thumbs. Other than his desire to be useful, it is left up to me to maintain some semblence of order here.

So to make myself feel better I decided to Goggle..whoops Google "Castle". Lots and lots of castles suddenly appear before my eyes. For a bit I ooohhhh and aaahhh.......castle....here's where Prince Charming lives...... I'm movin' in!!

Now that I'm truly grown up, I think this is more to my liking.
It's a start, I think its got a workable panache to it.

This one is the runner up..... I'm just not sure that I'm all that crazy about that ginormous mosquito farm in the front yard though.

I considered this one for a moment, but as you can see, it is too much "fixer-upper" going on.

Unfortunately, after investigating Blackbeard's Checkbook, this is all the castle this unfortunate Queen can afford.

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