Ever Met a Tightwad?

Here's my recommended reading. I wish I knew what happened to my copy, but this woman started a little newsletter that turned into several books. I had some friends that wore the tightwad badge so proudly, that they split the price of a subscription. 

I need to find that button and dust it off...

The Tightwad Gazette was one of the BEST guides to frugal living ever published. 

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Melissa said...

I want to start a blog too, and I've also followed Ree, Bossy & a few other great bloggers. If I get started, want to share the growing in blogging together? I'll add you to my favorites, and share my blog when started. Thanks for honestly just sharing your life. I think I want to dive in too!

jen said...

Oh, I have nearly worn out my coppies of TWG I, and II. I never did read the third volume. Asking santa for the three in one book. Amy D.rocks my world.