Woo Hoo!!! The Mojo is Back!!!

I don't know what lucky accident did it, but there is happy dancin' goin' on here!! I'm going to stop the tinkering for awhile and get back to the tale telling........

Here's one that is related to my She-ro Bossy. It's about frugality-sorta. Now with the media overkill regarding the state of the economy and real estate and groceries and gas and blah blah blah......
Doze off, wake up, oh yeah. I've heard more than one pundit say (here's where you have to use your Chicken Little voice) "Stuff your money in a mattress and hide in the closet!!" Don't budge, don't make a move........because blah blah blah blah.....

Well to buck the trend, Blackbeard, Bonus Boy, Seadog and I are making a move. It's 2 blocks exactly. Glamourpuss and Mr. Glamourpuss are selling their Glamourhome (which I have shamelessly admired for several years). They are moving 2 blocks down to their backup pad. The renters in the backup pad are moving 2 blocks away (and so on and so on). 

And yep, moneylenders are THROWING offers left and right. Anything to get piles of signatures onto piles of paper.  

Oh yeah!!! Just call us the Jeffersons!! Forget about Frugal because we are movin' on up!!

And until we can get this dinghy sold,

we will be eating ramen noodles and drinking koolaid. For special occassions, we will frequent the low-rent version of this.

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