Foul Weather And Foul Moods Afoot

Dear Mr Weather Man,

FYI...... I live here.

Yeah, I know that one's a little hard to read.

So let me begin again,

Dear Mr. WeatherIdiot,


Specifically so that I don't have to see any of this......

And what did I spy when I looked outside the other day!!!

Curses and more Curses!!!

Luckily we had these "gifts" that we haven't had the chance to "regift".

This cold air phenomena is making the whole house act a little crazy.

Even poor Seadog doesn't quite know how to behave....

Next week I better see some of this or we're going back to the olde wyves waye of casting the weather!!!

2 Share Some Wind....:

bebe said...

I love your pics, and it reminded me of when you were a complete snow bunny! It snows in the mountains, it snows on the coast. What, am I living in one of the rings of hell, that it can't snow here in the Piedmont?

BOSSY said...