It's Like a Game of I Spy!!

I Spy with my little eye.........

The contents of a Junk Drawer!!

What on earth will we find in here? Gold maybe?

Hey!! Here are my glasses I can never find!! Now I will be able to see!
  (and maybe take a picture that is actually in focus!)

Still blind and taking pictures.... I come across an assortment of grooming aids
  (now I can get all pretty for Blackbeard!)

I can fix my hair now too!!

Here is some booty I like to decorate myself with......

Air mattress plugs for missing air mattresses, playing cards and an assortment of writing devices that may or may not be filled with liquid ink.

Radios for camping trips, an ipod hard drive 2 magnifying glasses and 3 deathtraps for vermin. The list goes on and on and on......


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