The Old Salt......

  A couple of years ago Blackbeard and I bought our current house and remained in our same neighborhood to remain near to both of his parents.

By near, I mean 4 blocks from the Old Salt, and 2 blocks from Mama Blackbeard.
(Thirty-odd years ago, they separated to their own quarters and never divorced.)

Luckily, both parents of Blackbeard are alive and sailing the seas of retired adventure.

So about a year ago, Old Salt decided that he needed some shipmates and rather than move us onboard to his his ship, he took quarters in the chamber next to the deckhands (aka eating machines).

Since moving in much has changed around here.

SeaDog and Sister Sarah no longer heed my beck and call.


They are never far from the Old Salt and his endless supply of biscuits and cookies. If he leaves, they sigh and pace around until he returns. Before he gets to the door, they bark for joy and dance to welcome him home!

They carefully sniff him to make sure that he is safe from harm and that no strangers assaulted him while he was away from their careful protection. They show him how since he left them they grew weak from hunger and that now their ribs are showing.

They guide him back to his room and show him how well they guarded the treasures he keeps on the shelf. Then they encourage him to take the treasures from the shelf so that he can see for himself that they haven't moved at all in his absense.......

You don't need me to tell you how this story ends.....

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