The Best Blanket Ever?

Blackbeard's Wyfe must be from Mars. Some stuff Blackbeard's Wyfe just doesn't get. 

Now when did a blanket become a garment?

Isn't this just a glorified poncho? 

Blackbeard's wyfe has just never had the problems that the makers of this silliness describe. They make it sound like the blankie we've all lived with through the ages is just obsolete and dated. Well Blackbeard's Mother-in-Law gave his wyfe a blanket as a young wench in training. She has never seen fit to upgrade. This blankie still has the perfect fit and feel that a well loved blankie should. The only modifications that his wyfe has allowed was for a special cover to be sewn about the frayed remaining bits. 

Check it out and tell me what you think. Meanwhile, I know two fashionistas that I need to report this outrage to.

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kandykorn said...

OOps my mistake, I thought that the comments about the blankie were not from Blackbeards wyfe... I still don't get the gist of this blogging thing yet. So Blackbeard doesn't like the coat thing. Okay fair 'nough