She's Making Me Take Another Look....

For Oh so long..... the last year exactly, I have paid as little attention as possible to the politics at hand. I would kindly read the emails with political jokes, forwarding the ones I deemed funny, but for the most part taking my usual stand of "Whoever is running the show; My life will really not change at all."

Naive I know. Condescension at its worst. We live in a country that lets us pick our leaders and toss them out when we're tired of them. All without political instability. Lucky us. Strangely, we will continue to take it for granted and lazily agree to whoever the pundits trot out for us to admire (vote for).

Well, then she shows up.  Well now I'm (and several other millions) taking a closer watch. Adding her name to the ticket was sheer political genius on the part of the McCain party.  

I'm not saying that I'm sold yet, but ya just gotta like the spunky little thing. She's more like me than any other candidate I've seen. Her life is not perfect. Her past is not perfect. Her closet is full of fumbles and missteps. She is already has the hardest job there is, and anyone who has children won't deny that raising kids is not for sissies. She's put a wind of fresh air into  an excruciatingly long campaign.

Most importantly, what are the Bunco ladies going to say?

Please forgive my fonts....still figuring blogger out. BW

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kandykorn said...

Since Blackbeards Wyfe wants to know what Bunco girls think, I must provide input: Sarah Palin is a joke. When she removes Roe vs. Wade in Alaska, then she lets the rest of America's reproductive rights go by the wayside... I hope there are enough hangers coming out of steal mills(or is it mines?) to fund the back alley butchers. And how come the Home-schooling Moms of the evangelist third right don't chastise her for not staying at home? Why is it Ok for Mr. Mom to raise the down's baby or are all the rest raising him? But on a completely different note... what's wrong with the poncho blanket? Wow some mean spirited comments for just a cozy coat?? I know why I'm sooo scared of Sarah (hot candidate in-wiating) Palin, but why sooo charged up about a blankie??