Who Says Frivolity Can't Be Frugal?

Lookie here!!! Lookie What I Got!!!

Mirrored Op Art

Mirrored Op Art

This modern 3 dimensional sculpture by Kenneth Wingardplays with light and shape in a way that can make a room. This glittering piece of wall art is made of dozens of mirrors attached to moveable wires. This sculpture is perfect for above a bed, sofa or any blank wall that needs some "pop". This Op Art sculpture measures 25" on diameter. Wall mounting included.
Mirrored Op Art pad$218.00pad

And do you think I paid the glamour price? Nooooo!!! 

I got it at a YARD SALE!!!!  

I traded a crisp $20 bill for it! 

See!! Here it is!!!! 

Here it is on a buff wall........

Stunt shot of it on a blue wall......

Bedecking a Red wall.

I admit, I LOVE yard sales. I love plundering through the junk to find the treasure. Going to them is a luxury that I have not been able to enjoy for some time now. Today was the magic day and I found a fun treasure to start decorating the new ship!! Please forgive the poor photography and do your part by helping this poor wyfe decide which wall it should decorate...... 

Buff, Blue, or Red.

Disclaimer: I have no grand prizes other than a shout out and a BIG Thank you!!

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Steph said...

I am torn between buff and red... but mostly I say red, I think. It should be on the buff wall during the day and on the red wall at night. How would that work :) ?